Trees Are Just People (With Green Facial Hair)

from by Boredom Kills



Frank had big dreams, he was going to be a movie star someday
Once his mom told him that he would grow up and have a lot of fame
And he believed her and went to school, but instead of looking awesome he looked like a fool
They would make fun of him behind his back, everybody stared at this crack

But when will we realize that tree people are good
They have a lot of branches and produce a lot of wood
But everyone had to point and stare
Trees are just people, with green facial hair

Frank was so sad, he filled his days with thinking but he couldn't have
So Frank went behind the school, and got a bunch of matches, and tons of fuel
And Frank poured it on himself, and cried a little bit cause there was no one else around,
And he set, set himself on fire
And ran around screaming you're all fucking liars


from All American Work of Art, released June 27, 2015
Brandon Boyce - Vocals/ Lead Guitar
Joe Merkle - Rhythm Guitar

Recorded at Rolling House Studios



all rights reserved


Boredom Kills Gloucester Township, New Jersey

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